Faye Taylor Plays With Doll Cop Chloe Toy

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor

Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor in Faye Taylor Plays With Doll Cop Chloe Toy

In this clip: face play, groping, humiliation, silly, amateur

The scene opens with Faye talking on the phone, asking her favourite seller if there’s any new catch, she gets excited on hearing the news that a nosey rookie cop doll!
In next scene we see doll Chloe standing upright against the wall, eyes closed and unresponsive. She is rigid enough to be propped up but still poseable. She has a little stick it note on her forehead reading ENJOY! with a happy face smiley.

Now our villainess moves in and starts inspecting her, she takes the note of her head and grabs her mouth, she does a little face play, opening her mouth, checking her teeth, leaving it open for a few seconds, so to mock her, then closing it again.
She then undoes 2 of her blouse’s buttons and takes a peak, complementing her breasts while groping them through her shirt. Then she slides both her hands down getting a feel of the cop's perfect legs and inner thighs.

She then turns the doll around, face facing the wall, she undoes her pony tail, gropes her ass trough the skirt and then pulls the skirt up to see what underwear she is wearing. 
Then she turns her around again, back against the wall, she grabs both of Chloe’s arms puts them around her own neck and drags her away by the waist.

Next scene, we see the villain in the middle of the room dancing with the doll. Holding her from the front, she slaps her butt, the camera pans down to get a low angle view up her skirt, she lets the body arch backwards and then with close-up included allows the cops’ head to rest on her shoulder finishing the move by grabbing one of her legs in a Tango pose. Then the villain turns her around, holding her by the arms from behind, she gently swings the body from side to side, the camera takes in a full view of her body and unresponsiveness, feet wobbling atop her high heels.

Finally its Chloe’s time to eat and rest, she’s first placed over a table, ass sticking out and then sat on a chair, both her eyes are checked at the same time, later she’s force fed some rice and left there with legs elevated, the camera focusing on all areas of her body and getting good upskirt shots.