Charley and the Foot Fetish Doctor

A clip starring Charley

Charley in Charley and the Foot Fetish Doctor

In this clip: fainting, injection, foot worship, medical, amateur

Charley is in love with a geeky doctor, so she pretends to feel bad just to have an excuse to call him and get a visit. The doctor arrives, and starts checking her up; he tries to listen to her heart using a stethoscope, but cant hear anything, but she jokes blaming her exposed big boobs, trying to get him to touch them... but he's too geeky and shy and continues to do his tasks.
She manages to have him staying for dinner, but first he absolutely wants to do her an injection which will make her feel better. She hesitates as her illness was just an excuse, but finally accepts: anything is fine as long as he stays.
She gets the injection and they start discussing about dinner, but soon that takes unexpected effect and Charley passes out... Only at this point the doctor reveals his fetish: he grabs Charley's limp legs, takes her high heels off, and begins worshipping her perfect feet while she has no idea of what's going on. Her plan failed the worst way!