Unconscious Niece Chloe Toy Stripped and Diapered

A clip starring Ammalia, Chloe Toy

Ammalia, Chloe Toy in Unconscious Niece Chloe Toy Stripped and Diapered

In this clip: assault, groping, humiliation, inspection, foot worship, girl/girl, stripping, family affairs, smothering, feet, legs, ass, breasts, genitals, blonde, brunette, young, casual

Young Chloe Toy has big plans for the night: sex, dance, drugs, and rough sex again. When she tells that, auntie Ammalia can't believe her ears and decides she can't allow that: she pushes her hand on her niece's face, smothering her to unconsciousness.
She has better plans for her niece: she begins stripping her limp body until she's naked, then worships her feet for some time, which is always a good thing. She brings her to the bedroom and lays her body on the bed, where she puts a diaper on her.
She leaves her sleeping in a very innocent pose, with her thumb in her mouth.