Desiree Foot Assaulted

A clip starring Desiree

Desiree in Desiree Foot Assaulted

In this clip: groping, footjob, foot worship, knockout

A blonde is working in her kitchen, when suddenly a burglar rushes in and chloroforms her; he takes off her shoes and begins licking her toes, then drags her into the bedroom and dumps her on the bed.
There he goes on fondling her body and worshiping her feet, chloroforming her back to sleep whenever she moans and tries to wake up. He begins stripping her and undresses himself, as well, and he goes on worshiping Desiree's soles, knocking her out as needed. Soon he pulls out his dick and begins rubbing it on her feet, fucking them in many positions. It takes too much time for him to cum and he can't make it: suddenly a car approaches and he has to run away, naked, only the hood left on him. The girl's body remains there on the bed, naked and used, as a gift for someone else...