Lauren's Visit To The Dodgy Dentist

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Lauren's Visit To The Dodgy Dentist

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, medical, feet, neck, mouth, young, drug, casual

Lauren has a tooth ache and decides to be seen by a dentist.   Lauren schedules an emergency appointment, but her dentist is running really late.  The receptionist offers her a offered a drink to pass them time while her dentist finishes the other appointments.  Little does she know that this drink contains Compound S, a known chemical that makes the drinker forget about the appointment running late and puts the drinker to sleep.  Lauren accepts the drink and quickly begins to feel the effects of Compound S.  As she is falling asleep, her eyes roll into her head and she enters a deep sleep.  After some time, the dentist is ready to see her and finds her asleep.  The dentist lifts her up and drags her to the dentist chair.  Knowing the Lauren is completely knocked out, he begins to check her eyes and play with her limp head, arms, and legs.  Getting bolder, he removes her shoes to plays with her feet through her socks. However, Lauren shows signs of waking up so he gives her some gas to knock her out again.  Realizing that he probably should do his job, the dentist inspects her mouth as a dentist normally would and fixes her aching tooth.