The Dentist 5 - Laura Smith

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in The Dentist 5 - Laura Smith

In this clip: face play, hands, inspection, foot worship, medical, nylons, willing, stripping

Business woman Laura Smith goes to the dentist complaining about wisdom teeth pain. The doctor checks out her mouth and confirms her teeth require some work. He offers the option to have her completely sedated, as it will take some time and not be too pleasant; she actually demands for it, and lets him put her to sleep professionally using a medical mask.
Once she's gone, the doctor is supposed to start working, but, actually, he takes his time: he first makes sure she's fully gone. Then he starts to play with her limp hands, and also unbuttons her blouse uncovering her breasts and nipples. He poses her in some naughty ways, such as with one nipple exposed and one finger in her mouth, and takes snaps using his phone. He builds up a small collection of images (included in the video) for his private use, the business woman will never know.
He then moves at her feet, takes off her shoes and stockings, and keeps snapping pictures. He gropes these luscious soles of hers, sniffs her feet, and sinks his face between them, licking the soles and sucking the toes. The business woman keeps sleeping beautifully, unaware of what's going on.
After a while, once he's done, he actually covers her chest, opens her mouth, and begins drilling her teeth. But, pleasure first!