Agent AltSiren Decoy Choro Assault

A clip starring Ammalia, AltSiren

Ammalia, AltSiren in Agent AltSiren Decoy Choro Assault

In this clip: assault, chloroform, ragdolling, inspection, girl/girl, stripping, redhead, petite, underwear/bikini, provocative

Agent Altsiren has been hunting Tracy Johns for 2 years; today she is a decoy set up to trap Tracy. She has a phone call, then hangs up, waits. Suddenly Ammalia rushes Altsiren with a rag to chloroforms her. Altsiren fights hard, it's a long struggle, but then slows and she finally goes limp in Ammalia's arms. Ammalia lets her fall to the floor. She then searches Altsiren's body for a memory card, but she doesn't find it. It is somewhere else