Dakota Charms repeatedly goes down

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 in Dakota Charms repeatedly goes down

In this clip: fainting, fucking, foot worship, silly, stripping

Shy Dakota Charms has a problem with falling limp every time she gets scared or nervous! Psymon yells, "Boo!" and down she flops onto the bed. He snickers and uses this as an opportunity to strip all her clothes off and play with her lovely smooth feet. He plays with the rest of her body, too - her limp arms and legs, her face and her pussy, posing and positioning her however he wants her. She wakes up naked and confused, which of course just makes her fall limp again! He comes back in and starts worshipping and licking her sleepy feet and then dresses them up with pretty black stockings and black heels. She wakes up again wondering what happened, but then falls limp AGAIN. Hehe. Then Psymon comes back and has his way with her, fucking her hard in her heels and then taking them off so that her pantyhose feet flop with each thrust!