Lexy and the Creepy Fucker Doctor

A clip starring Lexy

Lexy in Lexy and the Creepy Fucker Doctor

In this clip: assault, ragdolling, groping, fucking, humiliation, injection, inspection, foot worship, medical, stripping

After training at the gym, Lexy is not feeling well. Her friend recommends her to go to the doctor; so she goes to hospital for a check-up.

The doctor examines her and he's distracted by her sexy body. He feels her body (especially her legs through the tight yoga pants) a bit too much and Lexy starts to to feel uncomfortable and tells him to keep his hands to himself. The doctor pulls her tits out and listens to her breathing. But also gets a good view and grab of her breasts. Lexy starts to complain and he tries to calm her. he moves and gets a syringe ready and tells Lexy he must give her an injection... She is hesitant but agrees. He grabs her and injects her in the neck; she starts to feel strange, and shortly she's out cold.

The doctor now can play with her. He first feels her body through her clothes, then removes her top and bra and pays with her tits. He plays with her feet, kissing them and licking them. Finally, he pulls down her leggings to expose her pussy. He feels it and licks and finally fucks her, ragdolling her in different positions, fucking slow and hard, finally pulling out and cumming on the leggings.