Creepy Foot Session

A clip starring Niki

Niki in Creepy Foot Session

In this clip: chloroform, groping, sniffing, foot worship, knockout, willing, amateur

Please note this video is in ITALIAN language!

Niki is a hooker, she leads a guy into her bedroom; she is very friendly and available to him, she asks what he wants to do and it turns out he's a foot man into cheesy feet, limp fetish and silly roleplay.
All sounds of to her, so she gives him her feet and they start to play. He takes off her boots, smells her feet in socks, and soon starts to ask her to drop down limp and leave him alone.
That happens more than once, in different positions and always in a silly/willing mood. He plays with her limp feet a little and then she wakes up again, to drop down again after some talk.