Creep Host Limp Play on Olive Glass

A clip starring Olive Glass

Olive Glass in Creep Host Limp Play on Olive Glass

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, hands, injection

Olive is on tour and is being hosted by an old friend, who can offer her a sofa bed for the night. He leaves her alone and she strips naked wearing a cute nightie; she literally collapses on the bed, as she's very tired.

Later, the creep friend sneaks into the room (POV): it's dark, but we can clearly see every detail. He has to be careful, he cannot turn on the light or be too direct because Olive reacts i her sleep whenever he touches or moves her... She might wake up, so he injects something into her neck. Olive's eyes roll in her sleep, and in a few seconds the liquid does its job: Olive is out cold, and there are no chances she wakes up before a few hours.

Now the creep can turn the light on and put his hands on Olive's body undisturbed, without the risk of waking her up! he does it a lot, groping, rolling and ragdolling her body, all POV, with special emphasis on limp hand play, feet views and feet groping.

When Olive gets waken up in the morning, she doesn't remember anything and smiles friendly at the creep.