Auntie Montse Sleepy Blowjob and HandJob

A clip starring Montse

Montse in Auntie Montse Sleepy Blowjob and HandJob

In this clip: oral, chloroform, groping, POV, humiliation, masturbation, amateur, mature, stripping, family affairs

Mature auntie Montse comes to visit me from Spain. It has been quite a long journey, so she's really tired. I invite her to have a nap on the sofa, so I turn the light off and I leave her alone. She soon falls asleep in the darkness, and that is what I was waiting for... I sneak into the room, and silently approach her with a camera and a torch, recording everything. I push a chloro rag on her face, so she goes from asleep to deeply gone and I can do what I want without the risk of getting caught.
So I keep filming, and start to grope her more directly, unbutton her blouse, take off her shoes and stockings... I grope her feet, expose her, take my dick out and put it into her limp hand, enjoying the feeling of mature auntie giving me a handjob. She slowly starts to get a bit more responsive in her sleep, especially when I put my dick in her mouth, and she starts to suck it, without realizing what she's doing in her sleep, and she seems to enjoy it... I couldn't imagine auntie is a bitch!
Later I walk back into the room and wake her up. She looks fine, and talks to me as if she has no idea of what happened earlier... She will never know!