Ava and the Creep Host

A clip starring Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush in Ava and the Creep Host

In this clip: oral, gas, groping, POV, humiliation, inspection, amateur, stripping

Travelling far from home is an excuse for Ava to meet an old friend of hers, and meeting him is actually an excuse to get free hosting on her trip, and free meals.
After dinner Ava she's drinking a coffee which is supposed to wake her up, but actually there is probably something in it because Ava gets really sleepy and can barely keep her eyes open.
The creep host then prepares her sofa bed, and Ava goes to sleep.

Later, the guy comes back in the room where Ava is sleeping, and he's pretty confident because he know what he put in her coffee will keep her down for all the night. he has a camera, and he takes POV footage of what he's going to do.
He starts to grope her sleeping friend's hot body. Ava moves and mumbles in her sleep, but would not wake up. So he takes his dick out and starts sliding it into her mouth; Ava is dreaming, so it's a natural instinct to suck it, but actually she has no idea she is giving his old friend a blowjob!
The mouth fucking goes on for some time, and then there is a separate part where the creep host takes her panties off, gropes her ass and exposes her genitals, and delivers closeups of her sleeping soles!