Ashleigh and the Creep Host

A clip starring Ashleigh

Ashleigh in Ashleigh and the Creep Host

In this clip: gas, face play, POV, amateur

Ashleigh is a sales woman; She travels around visiting doctors. Ashleigh has just checked into an airbnb. The nice landlord had given her some tea. She has had a long day and retired straight to her bedroom and fell deeply asleep.

As she slept, he crept into the room. He checked that she was fast asleep. The tea had worked. He picked up her heels and sniffed them. Then he did the same with her blouse, bra and panties. He played with her hands and rolled her over, enjoying her limpness. He then rolled her back and moved to her legs and feet. The stockings were alluring to him, so he slowly peeled them off, sniffing each one. He checked out her feet. Such hot feet!