Amelia And The Creep Host

A clip starring Amelia

Amelia in Amelia And The Creep Host

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, humiliation, inspection, rolling, amateur, stripping

This is really the limpest girl on Earth! She gave me a hard time stripping her!

Amelia is traveling home for Christmas. To cut down on costs she is hitch-hicking and found herself in a small town. She found an Airbnb for the night.

She checked in. The owner was very nice. He offered her some tea and she retreated to her bedroom. She took off her shoes and lay on the bed to call her mum and tell her she was fine, but very tired. They chatted a little about college and Christmas plans. but, she was so tired. So she said goodnight and hung up. She fell asleep almost immediately, without even taking off her clothes.

While she lay sleeping, she did not see that the nice guy was a bit of a creep. He got his camera to record everything and crept up to her room to find her sleeping on the bed. He checked she had drunk the tea. He picked up her shoes and took a deep sniff. He then moved to Amelia checking her eyes and arm. Yes, she was out.  He started to roll her over and over, then pulling off her clothes one by one. Laying her on her back and then rolling her over into her front.

He checked out her feet, sniffing them. He played with her hands and face. Rolling her limp body over again and again. He took a peak at her tits and nipples under her bra. He then laid her on her front, he pulled her arms behind her back and lifted her legs. Again, checking her eyes, that she is asleep. he pulled offer her bra and finally her panties, so she was naked. he continued to rag doll her.