The Sisters and the Creep Boyfriend

A clip starring Carley, Jodie

Carley, Jodie in The Sisters and the Creep Boyfriend

In this clip: assault, carrying, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, hands, inspection, knockout, family affairs, hair, blonde, brunette, young

Jodie goes to visit her sister Carley asking for help: she doesn't like her boyfriend anymore, she thinks he is a creep. Carley supports her, as she too thinks he is a creep, and she is happy they broke up. She tells Jodie she can stay at her house for some time, waiting for things to calm down.
Later, Carley is in the living room and she hears a knock on the door: it's him, he knows Jodie is there and he wants to get in. Carley manages to pull him away, but doesn't tell Jodie about it. She shows her her bedroom. In the meantime, not seen, he sneaks into the house.
When Carley gets back to the living room, she finds the door open, and feels a bit confused; the creep appears from behind and puts her down with a neck chop.
He puts her body to the floor, ragdolls her; some limp head play and neck exposure. Then he cradle carries her around the room and sits on the couch. As he keeps her on his lap and performs some limp hand play, Jodie steps in and finds out the creep boyfriend is playing with her limp sister!
Fighting is pointless, so she listens to him and agrees to follow him in the bedroom, still carrying her limp sister... Once in the bedroom, he puts Carley's body on the bed and tells Jodie to wait there, as he steps out for one moment.
Once alone, Jodie wakes Carley up; scared, they start to talk about what to do. He is a creep, so better to do what he says.
He comes back holding a chloro rag; he expected to find Carley awake by the time, and now he orders Jodie to use the rag on her sister... Jodie is scared, and so is Carley, but she encourages her to chloroform her as he says, it will be ok, just do what he says... So, Jodie chloroforms her sister, who struggles but lets her do it at the same time.
Once Carley is out again, the creep sits next to her body and begins playing with her limp hands and face. Jodie watches astonished, as he tells her how good limp play is. He orders her to try playing with her limp hand too, so shortly after the creep and Jodie are playing with Carley's limp hands, one each. Until the creep gets too involved and distracted, and at that point Jodie hits him from behind with a neck chop, and he falls limp as well.
Time to wake up her poor sister and run!