Couch Surfer Alora Lux Fucked and Abused in Her Sleep

A clip starring Alora Lux

Alora Lux in Couch Surfer Alora Lux Fucked and Abused in Her Sleep

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Young and innocent couch surfer Alora comes to have a stop at my apartment: she will use my couch for the night, but first I offer her to have a chat and try a special tea, which she accepts.
However, soon she starts to visibly fall asleep and literally collapses on the couch, barely able to say goodnight as I leave her alone.

A bit later, I sneak out of my bedroom and go back to the couch where the poor girl lies: still dressed, she hasn't moved at all. At first I tap her gently, just to make sure my tea worked. It did, which means that she won't wake up before tomorrow: I instantly start to grope her more vigorously, and finally I grab her and carry her onto my bedroom where I can enjoy her body more comfortably.

I dump her on my bed and begins groping, inspecting and stripping her body naked. I kiss her, lick her, start wanking all over her.
I use her mouth to give me a blow job and her hand to wank. I expose her genitals and finger her. Then I fuck her for some time, enjoying her unaware sleeping body.

I pull out and move closer to her head, which now hangs over the edge; I fuck her mouth for some time, until I am ready to cum and I do so all over her face and tits. The scene ends showing the poor couch surfer's face, dreaming, covered in cum.

The next morning, as she's been redressed and moved back to the couch, she wakes up and doesn't have any idea of what I have done with her body overnight...