Contortionist Assault April

A clip starring April O'Moore

April O'Moore in Contortionist Assault April

In this clip: assault, chloroform, ragdolling, groping, stripping

April performs some warm up contortions for her POV friend, who is impressed by her flexibility. They keep talking while she does that, and at some point she sits on the couch, puts her hot feet behind her head and asks for his help in holding her legs behind.
He kindly agrees, and, as soon as he grabs her legs, he roughly wraps duct tape around her ankles so she is locked in that position! As soon as she realizes something has gone unexpected with her friend, she finds herself unable to move... And he puts a chloro rag on her face, so she starts squirming, inhaling and struggling, but she cannot move, and soon she is out!
At that point, the creep gropes and worships her feet, takes her lycra pants off exposing her vagina, ragdolls the body and poses it in some nice positions providing open leg shots while he keeps groping her