Contortionist Assault

A clip starring Bendy

Bendy in Contortionist Assault

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, POV, hands, humiliation, foot worship

Contortionist Bendy is training in her bedroom; for several minutes we see her sexy body bending in an impressive way as she tries several poses. She gets a phone call from a friend and they make plans for the evening. She goes on training, and doesn't notice a creep has stepped in her room and is staring at her from behind the curtain. he's waiting for the right moment to attack.

As soon as her feet are crossed behind her head and her body is packed up in an amazing spread, he rushes in and tapes her ankles together. He pulls out a rag and starts chloroforming the helpless contortionist who is locked by her own body, unable to break free from that position. The poor girl can do nothing but struggling, as her feet squirm tied behind her own head... Until she's out. At that point, the creep goes robbing the house; in the meantime, pans on the limp girl are provided. 

After some time looks like he couldn't find much: two phones, a wallet and a nice camera, which he uses to take footage of the spread girl's body. Amazing closeups, especially of these AMAZING soles. He unties the ankles, bringing the legs more to the front; he plays with the limp hands, feet and face, and keeps taking footage of the poor contortionist who ended up like that while training innocently.