Coco's Last Fight

A clip starring Coco

Coco in Coco's Last Fight

In this clip: dragging, face play, fighting, ragdolling, groping, humiliation, girl/girl, stripping

Kiki has been away and just came home to find out her roommate Coco has been sleeping with her boyfriend Anthony. This is unacceptable and she waits for Coco to get there to fight. They are both dressed in stretch pants, tank tops, and G Strings, the winner will kill and the loser will lose their man. They are both fighters and each one has there own skills and dirty little tricks, They both are extremely tough and can take multiple punches, kicks, head slams, pussy punting, and crotch stomping, and boy howdy do they. The two gals trade blows and knock each other out several times, and follow the rule that: "each knockout you lose an article of clothing, after 3 knockouts, and you are down to your G-string, the winner gets to finish the other. The fight goes well at times for both gals, and to do play by play, hit by hit, it would be 10 pages of descriptions.

These gals are HOT, These Gals are tough!! These gals are Dirty, and these gals are ready to fight and die if they must. Coco loses in the end, and Kiki makes her pay for fucking her boyfriend Anthony. After she snaps Coco into limpness, she drags the body around, does some limp play and foot play, foot drops and hand drops, and molesting inspecting, she mounts Coco and grinds her pussy up against Coco's and starts to get off, after a while she is moaning hard, using hands and finally cums hard, quivering and then has some last words for Coco before dragging her body away on the rug.