Coco's Neck Obsessor

A clip starring Coco

Coco in Coco's Neck Obsessor

In this clip: carrying, dragging, ragdolling, groping

Coco is getting ready for a date, brushing her hair in the bathroom mirror when there is a knock at the door. It is much too early for her date but she answers the door anyway and she asks the man at the door "can I help you"...
Scene fades back in showing Coco limp on the floor; after the guy inspects her neck he sits her up, removing her clothing slowly revealing her sexy body, perfect tits and skin, lips, and eyes, but he is so into her neck he always reverts back. After checking her out he drags her around the room by her feet to see her body move and the neck tendons flex. He gets her to the coffee table, lifts her up to the table with her head and hair hanging off so he can check out her neck, her hair and choke her some more.