Coco Intruder Limb Flopping

A clip starring Coco

Coco in Coco Intruder Limb Flopping

In this clip: carrying, gas, face play, ragdolling, groping, hands, kissing

Coco is a model and personality. She answers interview questions about what she likes, what she wants to do and so forth. Very candid interview where she tells all. Then as she is coming home from the laundry room a man is waiting for her behind the wall outside her front door on the busy street. As she opens and walks inside he puts her to sleep; she goes down face first into the stairs and he locks the door, slowly picks her up to see her limbs flop, then he carries up up two flights of stairs to the bedroom where he tosses her onto the bed. He starts to ragdoll her throwing her, picking her up, tossing her, flopping and flailing her on the bed. He loves her wrists, and lets them drop to the bed as he watches and admires her limp arms, wrists, and hands. He moves the hair from her face, then kisses her lips, several times, touching her face, dropping her arms to the bed. He pulls her across the bed, then picks her up and moves her head to the corner. He plays with her face and mouth then flops her arms some more. he plays with her over and over, lots of limp arms, and body, ragdolling, carrying, and face play. 

Please note that there is no foot content in this video, but plenty of LIMP PLAY!