Coco Frozen Delivered as a Gift

A clip starring Coco

Coco in Coco Frozen Delivered as a Gift

In this clip: face play, groping, inspection, nylons, trance

Dan is Bo Frost’s brother, and has been moved back to the states to recruit new pieces for the museum and get out of his brother’s hair. Dan is finally settled in and tomorrow is his birthday. He is in a new place and only knows his neighbor, Chrissy. She is ridiculously hot and flirts with Dan, but when it comes down to it she is just patronizing, and leading him on. He asks if she will stop by for his birthday but she makes lame excuses. He is deflated but it doesn’t matter to him either way. The next day he finds Chrissy at his doorstep, wrapped in plastic, and sporting a frozen, blank stare. He knows his brother Bo had her frozen and shipped to his place in a jiffy. He spends the next few hours dressing, posing, undressing, posing, and doing it all over again. He is spending his birthday doing what he loves, posing, carrying, molding, and applying makeup to his favorite doll before she is shipped to the museum in the old country.
Dan spares no expense on her fancy bikinis, hosiery, and shoes. He even finishes her off with some nice blush and cabernet lipstick, which he has a hard time applying, and is the whole reason he got laid off from the museum. Not the best makeup artist, but a fantastic poser. Dan is lucky that this is the finest specimen he has seen since he started helping his brother. Chrissy is amazing when she is wrapped in shrink-wrap plastic film. Please, Return To Sender!