Teacher Laura Smith Chloroform Assault in Socks

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Teacher Laura Smith Chloroform Assault in Socks

In this clip: assault, chloroform, groping, foot worship, rolling, amateur, socks, feet, legs, mouth, brunette

Laura plays a school teacher. The movie begins with Laura taking a phone call while she's just chilling on the sofa. She’s wearing white socks. She was asked to go to the school to handle a troubled student. She puts on her boots and goes out.

While she’s gone, the student’s brother breaks into her apartment and waits for her to return. When Laura returns, the guy ambushes her with chloroform. Laura succumbs to the chloroform as her eyes roll up.

The guy carries her into the bedroom, takes off both of her boots, and start savoring her sock-clad feet, including flipping her and playing with her soles while she faces down.

At this point, Laura comes to. She flees the room and the guy follows. He catches up to her in the living room, subdues her by clamping her to the sofa and chloroforms her ago. Laura struggles as her toes stretches but eventually gives in. The guy puts her limp body on the floor and sniffs her socks-clad feet and fondled it in different positions.