Chloroform Lovers Electric Rascal

A clip starring Electric, Rascal

Electric, Rascal in Chloroform Lovers Electric Rascal

In this clip: chloroform, face play, groping, inspection, kissing, girl/girl, willing, amateur, moaning, neck, hair, breasts, mouth, brunette, responsive, smart/business

Cute clip, even though the acting is not the best in this one as the models are not very experienced with the whole fetish.

Rascal and Electric are in middle of living room, hugging, lightly kissing each other. Electric has Rascal turn around, reaches under Rascals arm to fondle her lightly, saying - "I have a surprise for you."
Rascal leans back against Electric. She is enjoying being fondled. Electric smiles evilly and brings a white rag up, then chloros Rascal.

Electric lays Rascal on floor, admires her victim. Nice panning shot from above of knocked out Rascal after first chloro,
Elec will play with Rascal, moving limp arms. playfully removes rascal shirt.
Elec goes to town on rascal breasts, kissing, licking, sucking nipples, running
palms over breasts and nipples, kissing rascal on lips, neck, side of face,
brushing fingers against hair and side of face.

Rascal wakes up occasionally, but Electric will chloroform her again, so she is free to keep kissing and groping her sleeping figure.