Kidnapping Roleplay with Ruby Dagger

A clip starring Ruby Dagger

Ruby Dagger in Kidnapping Roleplay with Ruby Dagger

In this clip: chloroform, groping, willing, silly, amateur

This is a fully willing roleplay clip, rather naive and silly with a really playful flavour.

Ruby is with her friend, bored; she has had some peril fantasy about being chloroformed, kidnapped and carried away, and she asks her friend to roleplay that with her.
She is being very flirty, but also playful and naive.
Everything is entirely simulated: she wants him to grab her and press his hand over her mouth, 'as if' he's chloroforming her: she will struggle, but in the end pretend to succumb and remain limp in his hands. At that point, he will have to handle her and take her to the woods.

He is not entirely sure about that, as it sounds like a silly game which is also a lot of work for him, as he will have to handle her limp body without getting any help. But Ruby keeps being a total tease, and makes him think at the things he could do with her once she's in his hands. She is actually horny.

He accepts, and proceeds smothering her with his hand. After a struggle she pretends to succumb, and then he begins to struggle with her limp weight on the couch.
Ruby is just pretending, so the two keep having a conversation while he has a hard time moving her limp body, but also enjoying groping her breasts as she cannot technically protest, so she must let him do it... But she loves it.