Chloroform Assault Nausica

A clip starring Nausica

Nausica in Chloroform Assault Nausica

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, POV, amateur, moaning, feet, neck, mouth, brunette, eyerolling, nightie/PJ

Nausica is sleeping peacefully on her bed exposing her bare feet which isn't very good for her! A creep breaks into the bedroom, satisfied with what he can see sexy woman sleeping over the bed with her bare feet uncovered.
He decided to have fun with her as he takes a cloth filled with chloroform approaching the sleeping woman slowly putting the cloth over Nausica's mouth and nose where she immediately wakes up trying to escape and calling for help by moaning but it's useless as he made a strong grip on it. She can't struggle anymore and she faints leaving her limp body for him to do whatever he likes!

The creep plays with Nausica's body checking her limpness, by giving her some limp hand drops and foot drops. He goes for her limp feet and starts inspecting them and giving them a massage, enjoying each second of it.

Eventually she wakes up but he immediately grabs the cloth again poured with enough chloroform and put her back to sleep as he goes back fondling her legs and feet. He flips her over exposing her wrinkled smooth soles as he enjoys her bare feet and her juicy soles, playing with them in various positions without having any mercy on her.

She wakes up several times to be put back to sleep using chloroform.