Alexia and Lavinia Chloro Assault

A clip starring Lavinia, Alexia

Lavinia, Alexia in Alexia and Lavinia Chloro Assault

In this clip: assault, carrying, chloroform, dragging, ragdolling, nylons

Lavinia and Alexia come home from the bar. They sit on the couch talking and are having a girls night on. They plan to watch a horror movie. Lavinia goes to get drinks. While away, a villain sneaks behind Alexia with a rag and chloroforms her. It's an intense struggle but finally she's out cold. Villain places her on the couch in sitting position, asleep. Lavinia comes back in with the drinks, and she believes Alexia has fallen asleep. Suddenly she too is attacked with the chloro. She slumps on the couch, also out cold.

The villain proceeds posing the limp bodies on the couch in different ways, also making a small bodypile. Then, he drags and carries the two bodies to the bedroom and places them on the bed.  As he plays with them, Alexia wakes up, he gets the rag and puts her back to sleep. Likewise, Lavinia wakes drowsily and he does the same thing. He gropes their feet, undresses the bodies to underwear, and plays around with them for some time.