Limp Mistress Foot Worshipped By Slave

A clip starring Storm

Storm in Limp Mistress Foot Worshipped By Slave

In this clip: sniffing, foot worship, knockout, nylons, willing

Storm is a dominatrix. She likes to tease her willing clients with her legs and feet. Letting them them watch, but not touch. It drives them crazy! But, I guess that's what they like.

But, Storm has her own fetish. She likes breath play. She loves to feel the rush as her the oxygen depletes almost to the point of going out.
One day, she is in a dom sessions with one of her regular clients. She makes a rash decision. At the end of the session, she asks him if he would wrap a belt around her neck until she nearly and even actually passes out. The guy is surprised and agrees.

The guy moves behind her. They have a safety signal. First time he does it, he looks down at her sexy body, legs and feet. He is so captivated that that he almost misses the safety signal. He notices just in time and release the belt.

Storm is very excited. that was the best rush ever. She asks him to do it another time.
This time as he is looking down, he decides that he must play with those feet. This time he notices the safety signal, but ignores it and she goes limp.

Now, he can finally feel the feet he has been longing to touch.