Charley Tickling Torture and Sleepyfeet Abuse

A clip starring Charley

Charley in Charley Tickling Torture and Sleepyfeet Abuse

In this clip: assault, bondage, chloroform, drunk, groping, POV, sniffing, foot worship, nylons, feet, legs, brunette

My friend Charley comes home with me after a party; she's drunk and could not drive home, so I offer her to sleep at my place. She thanks me so much before falling to sleep, but at that point I tie her up to the bed, face down. I wake her up and reveal her my true bad side. I take off her shoes and start fondling her feet, tickling them while she can't do nothing but swear at me. I tear off her stockings, going on tickle torturing her, and she goes on protesting unsuccessfully.
After a long while, when I'm tired of her noise and kicking, I chloroform her and go back to her feet; they're not limp, relaxed, all for me to worship. She cannot feel me right now, and her feet are mine. I go on fondling and worshipping her perfect soles for several minutes.