Charley's sleepyfeet deep inspection

A clip starring Charley

Charley in Charley's sleepyfeet deep inspection

In this clip: dragging, face play, ragdolling, groping, inspection, foot worship, knockout, rolling, silly

Charley is in her living room, reading a book, when I rush in and punch her in the face, putting her to sleep in a silly way; alone with her sexy limp body, I try to drag her to the bedroom but I'm a weak man and have troubles doing it, and she cannot help me in any way. When I finally manage to have her body on the bed, I start a long and deep inspection of her prefect feet and soles. I massage them , wrinkle and squeeze them, sniff and kiss them, pose and flex them, let them flop on the bed and a lot more! The camera provides Full HD closeup of such immense beauty. In the meantime, Charley goes on sleeping, and at some time she starts moaning as I even started to fondle her legs and ass more. It is a very long process, but I can't stop.
Later, we see Charley has waken up and is having a phone call to a friend, explaining her that something happened but she doesn't remember much. Was it just a dream? Or maybe someone really inspected her feet so deeply?