Charley and Ammalia Silly KO Foot Play

A clip starring Charley, Ammalia

Charley, Ammalia in Charley and Ammalia Silly KO Foot Play

In this clip: drunk, fainting, foot worship, knockout, girl/girl, silly

Charley and Ammalia come home from a party, laughing; they begin undressing, and Ammalia accidentally hits Charley on the head. She starts seeing stars, crosses eyes and falls down, floppy, ass up. Ammalia laughs and starts worshipping Charley's perfect feet as she is out, until she wakes up, and then it's Charley who bonks Ammalia in the head putting her to sleep; she plays with her feet (but doesn't worship them).
The whole thing is repeated multiple times, until there is a final simultaneous punch which causes both the girls to fall down limp, their asses up and exposed.