Catwoman Faye Assaults Lucy Lauren

A clip starring Faye Taylor, Lucy Lauren

Faye Taylor, Lucy Lauren in Catwoman Faye Assaults Lucy Lauren

In this clip: assault, oral, face play, ragdolling, inspection, kissing, foot worship, knockout, girl/girl, stripping

Lucy Lauren is preparing for a night on the town.  She is wearing a fancy dress, pantyhose, and fancy shoes.  Unknown to her, a female cat burglar is lurking within the house waiting to pounce on her pretty young victim.

The young woman is looking into a dresser mirror as she carefully applies her lipstick.  She then briefly looks down on the dresser top for some additional make-up she wishes to apply and when she finally looks back up to the mirror, she shocked to see the masked face of the cat burglar. The young woman is about to scream when the cat burglar grabs her from behind and places one of her gloved hands over the young woman’s mouth.  There is a struggle as the young woman futilely tries to break free.  The cat burglar is ready for this and pulls out a stun gun which she presses against the girl’s side and shocks her into limpness. 

The cat burglar now drags her limp victim over to her bed and carefully lays her down.  She gently caresses the sleepy girl’s face with her gloved hand and kisses her on the forehead.  Initially, she focuses on collecting jewelry off her limp victim, but then decides to go for the fancy clothing as well.  She starts by removing the sleepy girl’s fancy shoes and tossing them into her sack.  The cat burglar then finds herself admiring the victim’s beautiful stockinged feet.  She then removes the young woman’s dress, folds it, and puts it in the sack as well.  More and more, however, the cat burglar focuses less on what she’s going to steal as she become enamored of the beautiful limp body at her mercy. 

The sleepy victim now is still wearing her bra, panties, and stockings.  The burglar then unsnaps the limp young woman’s bra, revealing a pair of beautiful breasts.  The cat burglar then lovingly rolls down the stockings revealing beautiful bare legs and feet.  While admiring the pretty feet on the bed, the cat burglar gently grips the tips of the girl’s toes and lifts up one of the feet to admire the soles. 

To remove the panties, the cat burglar places one of the sleepy girl’s heels over each of the cat burglar’s shoulders and slowly pulls the panties off the sleepy girl’s hips and up her legs until they reach the bare ankles.  The naughty villain then uses the panties like a harness to hold the feet up so she can briefly admire and then worship the soles.

The cat burglar then lowers the feet back on to the bed and removes the panties.  A wicked smile appears on the masked woman’s face as she looks at the beautiful, limp, naked body lying on the bed before her.  She removes her gloves as she transitions from her tasks as a burglar to more erotic pursuits.

The cat burglar crawls on to the bed next to her naked prey.  She caresses the sleepy girl’s face with her now bare hands and briefly kisses her on the lips.  She then begins worshipping the young woman’s upper body, kissing the beautiful bare shoulders before moving down and thoroughly worshipping the breasts. 

She then works her way down the sleepy girl’s abdomen before beginning to massage the lower abdomen just above the crotch to get her “sleeping beauty” to masturbate.

Soon, however, the sleepy girl begins to lightly moan, indicating that she is slowly awakening.  The burglar prepares for this accordingly.  She gets up on her knees and straddles the young woman at the hips putting herself in the “missionary position” for when the woman awakes.  When the sleepy girl’s eyes finally open, she sees the masked woman on top of her and tries to scream only to have the burglar cover the mouth with her hand thus muffling the scream.  A frantic struggle ensues as the naked woman tries to free herself from the masked intruder. 

The masked burglar – with a wicked smile on her face – enjoys the struggle.  Having a naked undulating body beneath her is quite a turn-on.  But all good things must come to an end.  While keeping the struggling woman’s mouth covered with one hand, she reaches for her taser, places it against the woman’s hip, and shocks her back into limpness. 

Relieved that the struggle is over, the burglar caresses the sleepy girl’s face once again and kisses her on the lips.  She then returns to the victim’s crotch and continues to masturbate her and finally performs oral sex (implied) on her limp victim.

Not fully satiated, she turns the limp body over on its belly and works the other side.  She kisses the bare shoulders and runs her finger down the soft, sensitive skin of the woman’s back.  She then goes after the sleepy girl’s clit orally.

The cat burglar decides to finish her erotic adventure with some foot worship.  She straddles the limp girl’s body – still on its belly – facing the feet.  She pulls both feet up and thoroughly worships and enjoys both soles at once.

The cat burglar sadly realizes it’s time to leave while it’s still dark out.  She picks up her sack of ill-gotten gains and tosses it over her shoulder.  She sadly looks back at the beautiful naked body on the bed one more time.  It’s a pity she can’t take the sleeping beauty with her!