CatSiren and Maisie Limp Lesbian Play

A clip starring AltSiren

AltSiren in CatSiren and Maisie Limp Lesbian Play

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, groping, inspection, kissing, foot worship, girl/girl, stripping

Sexy Maisie Rain is watching TV and having small talk at the phone with a friend, when evil CatSiren appears from behind and chloroforms her. Maisie struggles, but there's little she can do: soon she's limp and out.
Catsiren lets Maisie's head dangling limp exposing her neck, and starts kissing her sensually. She then moves Maisie's body on a bed, where the face play, neck exposure and sensual kissing and caressing go on. She puts lots of attention to Maisie's limp feet, worshipping them. She strips the body naked exposing her pussy and breasts.
The lesbian action goes on, and maisie becomes more responsive in her sleep, as if she gets excited too. CatSiren goes on perving on sleepy Maisie.
At some point the victim wakes up, really dazed, but it doesn't last long and soon she is back to sleep in the hands of CatSiren...