Catsiren Abuses and Hogties Stacey

A clip starring AltSiren, Stacey

AltSiren, Stacey in Catsiren Abuses and Hogties Stacey

In this clip: assault, bondage, chloroform, groping, foot worship, girl/girl, feet, legs, ass, blonde, brunette, petite, casual

Stacey is having a conversation on the phone, when the lesbian masked perv Catsiren appears and chloroforms her in a struggle. Once Stacey is out, Catsiren starts handling and stripping the body naked, ragdolling and groping her, focusing on her feet, worshiping her soles and toes.

She then proceeds to tie up and gag limp Stacey using bondage tape, waiting for her to wake up. She finally puts her in a tape hogtie.

When Stacey wakes up and finds herself naked and tied up, she freaks out. She starts to struggle in her bondage, buth there's nothing she can do. Catsiren is still there, and talks to her psycho style. She goes on taking advantage of her feet, worshiping them while Stacey protests but can't do much to prevent it.