Catburglar Pantyhose Limp Fetish

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Catburglar Pantyhose Limp Fetish

In this clip: assault, face play, fighting, ragdolling, groping, humiliation, inspection, sniffing, foot worship, knockout, girl/girl, masturbation, nylons

An aspiring Catburglar has been breaking into hotel rooms to steal jewelry, electronics, and other things of value around the holidays. Tonight she is at the Blue Tiger, a fancy chain hotel that usually renders a great haul. It's after hours, so she finds the nicest room in the building and breaks in, sneaking through the living room and bathroom looking for valuables. She removes her shoes and tip toes around in her catsuit and mask. The thrill of the bounty is not the only thing that turns her on, she wears pantyhose under her crotchless, sheer, catsuit so by the end of a job, she has rubbed herself into a frenzy with the hosiery. As she sneaks towards the bedroom she gets a whiff of something familiar and when she peeks around the corner, usually finding a sleeping couple, or business person, she finds a gold mine, well at least in her eyes. She sees the pile of pantyhose on the bed, no one around so she takes a moment to indulge in her favourite thing in the world. PANTYHOSE.
She checks each piece in the pile, thumbing through the empty boxes, and then on the nightstand she scores big time. A used pair of sheer, tan, pantyhose, already worn by a sweet smelling, sexy woman. She starts to sniff and smother her face with the pantyhose, smelling the crotch and the feet together to get the cocktail that she yearns for in her spare time. She is lost in the pleasure of the smell and feel, so she decides to take a moment and masturbate before the owner gets back and catches her in the act. She has been lucky thus far in her career, but this time she is in for it. As she is in the bedroom, covered in used pantyhose, moaning, quietly at first, laying on the bed, rubbing her pussy through her pantyhose, and crotchless cat suit, the owner of the hose, and the occupier of the room comes through the door. She has been working out in the hotel's gym, still stretching from her strenuous workout. She is dressed in a leotard, with sexy, sheer tan pantyhose underneath, and some sweet running shoes. She removes her jacket and continues to stretch, showing her sexy, slim body, and then removes her shoes, showing her sexy feet clad in the sheer hose. She heads to the bathroom and puts on a tight t shirt to get ready to wind down before bed. As she heads to the living room to watch TV, she hears noises from the bedroom, it is getting louder by the second and sounds like moaning. She sneaks stealthily to the room, and peeks around the corner. She sees the cat burglar, laying on one of her beds, feet up on the nightstand, furiously masturbating. She is so lost in ecstasy that she can't hear a thing except her own breathing and moaning. The woman sneaks over to her, noticing what she is doing, sharing the same fetish for pantyhose, masturbation, and similar fetishes. She looms over the burglar, soaking in her beauty, noticing she is sopping wet on her crotch from all the different stimulation. She sits on the bed opposite from the burglar and starts to rub herself, getting really horny, but she can not contain her other fetishes, like being in control and playing with an out female, who is wearing pantyhose. She slowly moves behind the cat burglar, getting her arm around her neck, and setting up behind her. The burglar is so close to cumming a hard orgasm that she is oblivious to the woman getting her arm around her. Just as the burglar is starting to orgasm, she tightens her grip on the sleeper hold and the burglar finally realizes what is happening. She cums hard and starts to fight her attacker.

She tries to pry her hands away, kicking her sexy feet, spreading her toes and kicking hard. She fights like a beast, twisting and turning, kicking and flailing hard. The woman is in control, rubbing the burglar's sexy panthyhosed crotch with her free hand and talks to the cat burglar. She taunts her and tells her she is in for a long night. She grips her tight, and eventually the burglar goes limp, eyes closed. Now the fun begins and the woman checks out her sexy knocked out burglar, feeling her sexy body, commenting on the burglars wet crotch from cumming so many times. She rolls her around, and removes the mask from the burglar. She rolls her and starts to suck on her toes and feet, with the cat suit still on. She sniffs and sucks the burglars toes, eventually rolling her more and removing the cat suit, which unveils the black, sheer, pantyhose the cat burglar is wearing underneath. This makes the woman very happy, and she smells the crotch of the burglar then her feet, sucking on her sexy polished toes, through the sheer pantyhose fabric. After a lot of foot sucking and sniffing, she works her way, slowly back to the burglar's head and starts to caress and kiss her face, then she sucks her tongue, pulling it with her mouth, then sucking it in. She can't wait for later when she will do even more, but for now she must get things ready for the long night of fetish, pantyhose, and the lovely captive cat burglar...