Carley carried away by the monster

A clip starring Carley

Carley in Carley carried away by the monster

In this clip: carrying, fainting, ragdolling, silly

Schoolgirl Carley enters a room when she's confronted with a monster; scared, she rolls her eyes and faints in his arms; while the monster is carrying her on his shoulder, she wakes up and faints again because of fear.
The monster carries her into a bedroom, where she wakes up again and faints at the sight of the monster. The monster cradle carries her for a little bit, then drops her down on the bed.

Carley wakes up in a cheerleader outfit, and the thing goes on and on; she keeps fainting at the sight of the monster (sometimes it's POV), then the monster carries her limp body around and she goes down again because of the fear.

Finally, she wakes up in a golden bikini outfit and things repeat. When it's enouth, the monster carries her body away.