Candle Boxxx Masturbates over Ammalia's Sleepy Feet

A clip starring Ammalia, Candle Boxxx

Ammalia, Candle Boxxx in Candle Boxxx Masturbates over Ammalia's Sleepy Feet

In this clip: assault, chloroform, fighting, groping, fucking, foot worship, girl/girl, masturbation

Like a tornado, naked Candle Boxxx is playing with Ammalia's feet while she sleeps: she rubs her pussy on the toes, and worship the soles with sounding involvement and passion.
Ammalia wakes up and she starts to protest and try to break free, but Candle chloroforms her, so she can continue playing with her feet undisturbed. In her sleep, Ammalia moans as the worship feeling causes her to dream about something exciting.
In the end she wakes up again, and she sounds even more disappointed, but there's no way, Candle goes on pleasing herself with her feet!