Business Analysis in Molvania - The making of a Robomeat

A clip starring Julie

Julie in Business Analysis in Molvania - The making of a Robomeat

In this clip: bondage, carrying, chloroform, fighting

A very important, highly ranking consultant flies to Molvania to analyse the business operation of a client. After some smalltalk with the owner, she tells him his business is not doing well and his best plan of action would be to sell it as soon as possible. Offended by this, he gets angry and starts telling her that she's not doing a good job, the reason he called her in the first place was to save his beloved business. She gets offended as well, but before she can explain her recommendation the owner calls for Igor, his bizarre assistant who only makes creepy sounds. Igor tells her she's going to be turned into a Robomeat, a kind of robot doll for cleaning the house, and other things one could think of... He ties her arms behind her back, ignoring her loud protesting, and puts her to sleep. He then proceeds to carry her to another room where he drops her down on a bed, taking off her high heel shoes and fondling/inspecting her limp body.

There is no explicit foot fetish content here, but a lot of great foot views and closeups of her soles!