Briony GoPro POV chloro assault!

A clip starring Briony

Briony in Briony GoPro POV chloro assault!

In this clip: assault, chloroform, fighting, ragdolling, POV, hands, rolling, amateur

Two cameras: one on tripod getting a brilliant sight of Briony's legs and feet, and a GoPro on my chest providing a POV, wide angle view of the action, as if you're looking through the bad guy's eyes!
The cameras are continuously swapped in the clip, providing the best view possible all the time but, when the footage is good on both cameras, both are included in the same screen: one full screen, the other smaller in a spot where the two images do not interfere with each other.
Yes, we are definitely bringing realism and involvement in all this; you will not find this stuff elsewhere!

Briony is sleeping on her bed; I sneak in, slowly, and put her to sleep in a struggle. She's limp now, and I move and roll her body until she suddenly wakes up again. It happens all the time along the video, and we see her limp body, legs and feet being ragdolled, but also a lot of struggling, kicking and defeat!