Bride foot assaulted on her wedding day

A clip starring Nikita

Nikita in Bride foot assaulted on her wedding day

In this clip: assault, ragdolling, faceless/anonymous, foot worship, knockout, rolling

A happy bride is arranging herself in the bathroom, in her wedding dress, dreaming about the new life she's going to start today with her husband... But, suddenly a burglar rushes in and puts her to sleep, laying her on the floor. Disprespectfully, he puts his hands on her and pulls her gown up, revealing her bare sexy legs; he then has her high heel shoes off fly away and we can see her limp soles in front of us. He performs some good limb flopping loud legs and soles slappings. Still keeping her soles in full screen view, he begins worshipping and sucking those soles, jerking a little bit and, once he is done, he leaves her there on the floor with legs exposed and feet used. Let's hope her wedding day has not been ruined! 

Please note that the bride's face is not visible, because of the model's wish to remain anonymous. But, you can see he soles so close to you that you will admire her fingerprints! ;)