Boxing Limp Nausica

A clip starring Nausica

Nausica in Boxing Limp Nausica

In this clip: carrying, ragdolling, injection, foot worship, amateur

Nausica is sleeping on a bed, when a creep steps in and injects something into her neck: this wakes her up, but shortly after the liquid starts to act, and Nausica begins to pass out slowly... That's a great long passing out scene with lots of eyes action and moaning.

The guy is there to steal her body; once she is completely limp and out, he brings a large cardboard box and proceeds to move the limp body into it, but soon realizes it's not an easy task, as Nausica is completely limp and gone, heavy and not helping, and he is not very strong.
He will struggle for a while, handling the limp body, and in the end he will find himself with her limp bare feet sticking out on his face, and he will entertain himself licking them while calling the boss.