Stuffing Limp Bendy in a Box

A clip starring Bendy

Bendy in Stuffing Limp Bendy in a Box

In this clip: gas, ragdolling, POV, willing, amateur

Bendy has agreed to have her body shipped to a medical centre for a few days, where some scientists will investigate her secret on being so bendy. In order to do that, she agrees to drink a very strong product which will keep her limp and asleep for days, so that the scientists can work with her body as if it is just a limp object.
While drinking the powerful drink, she's having some talk with the guy who is in charge of picking up her body and delivering it to the centre; she asks some questions just to make sure they will have maximum care of her and nothing bad will happen to her during her off period. But, soon the drink starts to work, and in a couple of minutes Bendy is limp and gone on the couch.
The guy steps out and comes back in with  a big bow where he's supposed to put the body in, before carrying her into the van. But, soon, he realizes things are not that easy: Bendy is completely limp and unresponsive, therefore heavier, and he's so uselessly thin that getting her into the box is like a mission impossible.
From that point, there are lots of hilarious moments showing the struggle of this unfortunate guy trying to get Bendy's sexy limp body into the box.