Busty Valerie Trance Play and Boobs Spasm

A clip starring Valerie

Valerie in Busty Valerie Trance Play and Boobs Spasm

In this clip: chloroform, face play, fainting, ragdolling, humiliation, trance, willing

Valerie wants to volunteer and try out my new gas: she agrees I will monitor her once she is in a trance state. Actually, she just wants to have a mind trip.
So I ask her to lie down and i put the medical mask on her face: the gas starts flowing and soon she rolls her eyes and falls in a limp state of trance. I approach her body, pull down her dress exposing her large natural breasts, and start listening to her heartbeat... Then, something happens and her body starts spasming, causing the boobs to bounce on her chest. I remain there and watch; then, when I think it's enough, I put the mask back on her face and everything soon calms down. Now her body is really limp and unresponsive, so I roll her on the tummy and begin to play with her limp head and face: I hold up her head by the ponytail and let it dangle limply before dropping it back on the bed. Also, I put my fingers on her eyelids and raise them up, opening her eyes and forcing her face into some crazy expression... After all, her brain is tripping and she is not noticing anything!