Limp Bodypiles Lauren and Bonnie

A clip starring Lauren, Bonnie

Lauren, Bonnie in Limp Bodypiles Lauren and Bonnie

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, inspection, amateur, bodypile, nervepinch

What an unusual situation: one day me (POV) and Lauren come home and find the limp body of a stranger in the living room. I tell  Lauren to get closer and have a look. Let's make sure she is ok, but at the same time let's check out that hot unknown brunette and have some face play, hand inspection and play, rolling and ragdolling. In the meantime I watch and get closeups of it all!

But this soon drives me crazy, so I sneak behind Lauren and put her down as well with a nerve pinch! She flops limp onto Bonnie's body, and from that point we have camera pans on the two bodies piled up sexily in different positions.