Stealing Cindy's Body in a Bodybag

A clip starring Cindy

Cindy in Stealing Cindy's Body in a Bodybag

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, inspection, rolling, stripping, nervepinch

Agent Cindy is talking on the phone with a work colleague. She is laying on a bed, on her tummy, moving her legs in the air as she talks for minutes (Cindy is special for her endless phone calls in clips). She discusses about the new identification system at work, which requires her fingerprints so it's super safe. Literally, nobody else can get in thanks to that.
The phone call goes on, and, when it finally ends, someone sneaks behind her and nervepinches her. Her eyes roll backwards, she moans and flops down limp. She is gone.

The burglar seems to know what he wants: her body. Not as a sexual object, but more of something he needs. He ragdolls her on the bed, providing some great limp rollings, on the back and on the tummy. He takes her dress off, inspects her hands and eyes.

Then he takes a body bag out, and prepares to zip the body into it, for stealing it away. His aim is clear: stealing the body will make possible to get her fingerprints and all the personal information needed to access the system. That body of hers is the precious key to access the system, and it seems like the person who sent him may be the colleague she was talking to on the phone initially...