Body fondling and sole worship on a timestopped business woman

A clip starring Belle

Belle in Body fondling and sole worship on a timestopped business woman

In this clip: carrying, face play, groping, hypnosis, foot worship, masturbation, redressing, trance

A regular guy is having a formal talk with a female co-worker at her desk - what she doesn't know and never will know is that this guy has a watch which can stop time, while he himself is able to act and do whatever he desires, undisturbed! He freezes the girl in the middle of her talk and he begins playing with her face and mouth. For now he puts back everything in place and unfreezes her - she goes on with her previous sentence as if nothing had happened! Having made sure that everything works he freezes her again, stands up, lifts her body and lays her face down on her desk. He pulls up her dress and uncovers her gorgeous ass, at which point he can't resist and starts smacking her butt and tattooed legs for a long time! Then he takes her shoes off and sits down for a long worship of her soles, while she still doesn't have the slightest idea of what's going on! Finally he redresses her, sits her back in her chair, puts everything back in place and unfreezes her - again, she goes on with her sentence just as if nothing had happened. Not knowing how much time has passed, she's very surprised when she notices that it's much later than she thought and suddenly she's in a hurry! She unable explain that, but there is no time to think about it, she has to run! So she formally apologizes for having to leave in such a hurry, but not before making another appointment with the guy.