Body Disassociation Freeze - Honour May

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Body Disassociation Freeze - Honour May

In this clip: oral, groping, inspection, trance

This may not be graphic, but it's epic. Honour meets a scientist who recently developed a tool for traveling back in time. She tells him that her grandma was executed in wartime and, since she looks like her, she wants to time travel in order to save the grandma, by swapping and taking her place. Things should be alright for Honour even though she gets executed, as she was not born at the time so she didn't exist anyway: she should be able to get back to the present time with no consequences.
The scientist agrees but is not sure, he can't provide any guarantees, nor take any responsibility. However, Honour wants it so badly so that they proceed.

Later on, the scientist is sitting at his desk, doing his business. Honour's physical body stands frozen by the desk, as her mind and waves are traveling back to the 40's. Time travel is a non-bodily thing, so during the process the physical body remains in a frozen state in the present time. However, the owner can still communicate with present time through a special audio receiver, despite not being able to feel nor control the body.

Honour starts to talk through the receiver: time travel worked, and she is looking for her grandma. The two talk for a while, while Honour's body stands by the desk as a mannequin.
At some point, Honour needs a code: she wrote it down on a piece of paper in her hand, but apparently it didn't time travel with her: she asks for the scientist's help, who basically has to retrieve the code from her body's hand and let her know. That unlocks the situation for Honour, but also triggers something dodgy in the scientist: as a curiosity, he asks Honour if she could feel it at all while he was looking for the code, as he's still learning about his invention. Honour answers that she couldn't feel a thing. The scientist gets back to his computer, but, by now, he is haunted. He doesn't sit for long: soon, as he keeps talking to Honour through the receiver, he is groping her body and rubbing his dick on her hand, giving himself a handjob while talking to the unaware girl on the other side of time.

Things are getting badly for the girl, who is succeeding with her plan, getting closer to being executed: she is looking for reassurance and support, but by now she gets occasional answers from the scientist, who's now inspecting her pussy and licking it from below while masturbating: as the girl faces her final moments, she is left alone talking from the receiver, as the wanker scientist is now close to orgasm and doesn't give a fuck.

But something suddenly happens, bringing back the scientist to reality like a cold shower, denying his orgasm. Where is Honour? Something has gone wrong, very wrong. Time doesn't forgive, and we will never know when, where and why something happened which changed the flow of events causing Honour not to be legit in the present time...