The Birthday Cake Disaster

A clip starring Carley, AltSiren

Carley, AltSiren in The Birthday Cake Disaster

In this clip: assault, face play, fighting, ragdolling, girl/girl, silly, amateur, stripping

AltSiren and Carley prepared an insane chocolate for one of our customer's birthday. They bring it in the living room with candles, singing happy birthday; they are so much into the cake that they want it all for themselves, and start slicing and savagely eating it; they have some messy cake fight, as each one of them would like to get all the cake... But, as some point AltSiren gets mad and assaults poor Carley, stuffing a big piece of cake into her mouth, smothering her until she is out with her mouth stuffed with cake!
Next we see AltSiren dragging Carley's body on the bed, all messed up with cake, where she strips her body