Best Friend's Mom Abuse

A clip starring Pandora

Pandora in Best Friend's Mom Abuse

In this clip: gas, groping, masturbation, nylons, trance, amateur, mature, stripping

PLEASE NOTE this video is pretty static, as it was shot on tripod and the aux camera footage has been lost; therefore, it's pretty much one camera filming from one angle on tripod. There are no POV shots of closeups, but it's still a pretty good clip.

I come to visit my best friend's mum, after several years, with the excuse to meet her son. I already know he's not at home, so that's why I'm there. I offer her the tunisian drink, which she accepts, and soon she starts to feel strange. Shortly she is out in my hands. Passed out but someway still responsive. She's dreaming something hot.
I put my hands on her, for the first time in my life, and strip her completely naked. She sounds aroused by my touch. I pull my dick out and she appreciates it in her sleep. I start masturbating, caressing her lips with the tip of my dick, but soon she grabs it and starts wanking me off in her dreams. I cum all over her tits, and it's a dream come true after I spent my childhood fantasizing about my best friend's mum...